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I haven't seen anybody talking about it, so I don't know if anybody else is watching it, but Happy Endings had what might be the best, most non-uncomfortable pilot with normal but awesome looking people I've seen in a long long time.  Now, everybody go watch so I have people to talk to about it.

tweeting real life and nonsense

My first thought this morning was of Henry Granju.  I wonder if Katie was able to sleep last night.  I've never met the woman, and likely won't have reason to, but I read her a lot while I was trying for baby and while pregnant.  We share quite a few philosophies.  I feel like I know her, and this breaks my heart.

It's strange to see heartbreaking tweets preceded and followed immediately by frivolous tweets from Rainn Wilson and Conan O'Brien.  Not bad, just strange.  Surreal.

watch out, appalachia

Looks like we're going canoeing and camping in the middle of nowhere this summer.  As in, pack it in, pack it out camping.  No electricity camping.  No vehicles camping.  Bears roaming around and no toilets camping.

I really should not have watched Deliverance over the winter.

for a first birthday? ridiculous.

Chick from the Bachelorette and her fireman hubby had a first birthday party for their daughter.  If you want the whole story, here's the link.  A few highlights in photos:

SERIOUSLY?  Maisie's going to be lucky if her party is THIS fancy:

I felt a little ridiculous spending 50 bucks on a mobile (although I did use a gift card for half of it), but I researched and read reviews and the one we got (this one) seemed to come out on top. For the first two weeks, Maisie could've given a shit, but look at her now:

Rapt.  And QUIET. God bless you, people at Fisher Price who come up with these extravagant pieces of plastic.

Twice in the past two weeks I wished I could print mental pictures:

1.   I was driving down 2nd toward Lafayette, and a woman walked out of her house with an expression and posture that screamed annoyance, a cigarette hanging out of mouth, and an infant seat in her hand.  I dunno...her general appearance and the little baby were just incongruous.  Like someone had taken a paper doll modeled after an urban, pissy, young lady and stuck the baby seat that came with another doll and stuck it on this one.

2.  I'd just left my friend's house and was on Nolensville Rd, about to hit the light at Barnes, when I looked in the rearview to see a deer, feet towards the sky, suspended in the air 5 feet above the car behind me.  By the time it registered and I looked in the mirror again, he'd landed and I saw him running off into the woods.  The car behind me kept driving, so it took me a second to decide if I'd imagined the whole thing, but then I noticed that their sideview mirror was hanging on by a thread and shortly thereafter they pulled over.  So I guess the deer ran out from the woods, hit the car on the side, which flipped him up into the air, and everybody lived.  Random.
Not that anybody this affects would read this, but I am in a monumentally shitty mood and have turned off my phone as I am in no mindset to speak to anybody.  I thought I'd be ok at least talking to the dogs, but Otto laid next to me, gave me that awesome sympathetic look that only he can give, then farted a big juicy one right on me, so I'm not talking to him now either.  

So anyway, I'm not answering the phone.  I'll call everybody back tomorrow.  The dog may or may not still be living here by then.  Good thing he's cute.
I am really in the mood to write a post about how getting my 30 week email from BabyCenter.com and subsequently realizing that I have less than 10 weeks to go is really freaking me out.  I'd love to talk about how we had plans to have the kitchen hopefully re-put together by the end of this weekend, but every night when I get home I'm so friggin tired I can barely eat, so I'm going to have to cram everything in on Saturday and Sunday.  I'd love to vent about how much is happening at work that I can barely see straight.

I'd like to write about a lot of things but my fingers and arms feel like they're filled with concrete and just typing this much is wearing me out.  I should have gotten the carpal tunnel splint things when my doctor recommended them back in January.  Sigh.  It's going to be a long day.


a day to remember

We have officially reached the moment where I can no longer comfortably wear non-maternity pants.  Goodbye, comfy houndstooth Target pants.  I'll see you an a few months.  


weekend checklist

1.  Since Friday, I've been dreading having to face two people after I stood up for myself to them (and subsequently felt like an asshole for doing so), but I've talked to both and everything is fine.  As usual, I overreacted, but I don't care, as long as I don't feel assholey anymore.  Check.

2.  I started priming the kitchen cabinets, and HOLY CRAP, those of you that have seen and have any memory of my kitchen would just not believe how much bigger the whole room looks with even just the edges of those dark ass cabinets being white.  I walk in and it feels like a whole new room.  Check.

3.  More than half of my thank you notes from the big family/neighbors baby shower have been written.  I can probably finish tonight while watching Tony Bourdain.  Almost check.

4.  I purchased the domain name for the baby blog we'll use to update family and such.  Thanks to Ivy, also figured out how to keep it private (no pedophiles better be ogling my offspring, thank you very much), AND figured out how to redirect the URL to the blog.  Now all I gotta do is post.  I haven't felt this accomplished since I figured out how to edit my sidebar on the old blogspot blog.  Check.

5.  Finally dug the hairballs out of the bathtub drain.  Check.

Got a big list of things to do this week as well, but damn, I feel good about what I got done this weekend.  Except that I didn't bathe the dogs again.  They've been stinky for months.  What's one more week?